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Samar Maguire


Welcome to my football page. I will be updating it from time to time, as this is my specialist subject.

I have included articles that have been published by news outlets such as The Guardian, The Independent, FourFourTwo and The Peoples Person.

If you have any enquiries, please contact me via. Samarmaguire@gmail.com.


Features: 2013/14


News Articles: 2013/14


Previews: 2013/14


My name is Samar Maguire and this is my portfolio/blog. It is currently under construction, but please feel free to browse. There will be more content added to each section soon.
contact Me
Email: Samarmaguire@gmail.com
Twitter: Samarmaguire
LinkedIn: Samar Maguire
What I do
I am a 23-year-old journalist that has written for The Guardian, The Independent and FourFourTwo. I specialise in all of the subjects above. I can also design websites, as you can see from this one here.